About Us

The initiator of this website is Dr. Med. San Ong , M.D. PhD.

Born in World War II stricken Indonesia, the long journey ended up in the free country of The Netherlands. It is an ancient little democratic Kingdom with former intercontinental reach though and now being a stepping stone for many through facilitating worldwide communication.

Having absolved a 35 year carrier as an Ophthalmic Micro-Surgeon on the subject of Cataracts, with the implantation of the Ong Capsular Lens (a design of his own) and the anterior segment surgery of the eye in the city of Schiedam (ZH), the care is now broadened towards the Complimentary Medicine and Vital-Field Medicine at the home office in Rhoon (ZH).

The Mental Health Care, being the parallel task throughout, is based on the Faith in Christ as is evident in his dedication to the message of Christ in Indonesia, and in his Medical endeavor as is described in the webpage “Healing“. The spiritual task of teaching and counseling is continued into the following second website : http://icourse-in-miracles.com

Further biographic information can be obtained through the following weblink:


Mr. Danyal Gonullu, ME, IT professional and owner of G-Systems (UK), gave great assistance to the realization and maintenance of both the aforementioned websites.