The testimony of John

Historically and from a confessional standpoint we can consider the Gospel of John ( not the younger but John the late follower of Christ that is ) as conveying some of the true essentials of the universal Message of Christ.

It is of fundamental importance that Jesus Christ did use the term “God” with reference to the higher power with a direct identification to the Father in Heaven. In this Gospel Jesus is most frequently cited in speaking of the Father, i.e. well over a hundred times. So this issue is of great significance.

It is furthermore of profound ethical importance that Jesus Christ never used the expression “guilt” in reference towards man’s responsibility. Jesus Christ never used or applied it in terms of His attitude towards and evaluation of our faith and the deeds of man. Not even so towards those who betrayed Him like Judas and Peter. He did not initiate the guilt-complex of man. The guilt-complex and the guilt system were introduced by man himself, by his institutions, religious as well as political. And we are all witness of the tragic results of it everyday. Being worthy as a full-grown entity, man is fully responsible for all his/her thoughts and actions, but Christ and His Heavenly Father never applied the guilt-system over mankind.

The only relation and attitude He taught to man with reference to God was that to a Heavenly Father. A Heavenly Father from Whom we distantly originate, and Who cares for us and loves us. This has been brought very near to us in His Son, the True Loving Christ.

He came as the Babe from Bethlehem.

And as the Son of Man, He walked His way from the Cradle, over many lands and seas, towards the Cross.

He taught us the unconditional Love and he fulfilled in the final stages of His earthly life His Mission to forgive everyone and all.

And so He Accomplished His Forgiveness Work on the Cross for all mankind.

And it is in the 19th chapter of this Gospel that John witnessed the Victory of Christ on the Cross:

“It is Finished!”

– John 19:30 –

That was Christ’s victory and it will forever be.