Message in Poland

– 1931 –

Nine years prior to the breakdown of Poland in World War II, Jesus Christ revealed Himself  in the town of Plock

“Jezu ufam Tobie”

Christ Himself commanded to the witnessing non Sister Maria Faustyna, to have an artist paint His image in this His revelation to her, amended with a foot text:

“Jezu ufam Tobie”

which means :   

“Jesus, in Thee I trust.”

And the brave Polish people listened to that under the following burdens of NAZI occupation and Communism. And ultimately today, they emerged as a united and free nation.

A nation which – as we all have almost forgotten – once upon a distant time, centuries ago, defended the vast eastern frontiers of European Christianity with endurance and success against the seemingly unending charging waves of fanatic religious militants from the east!


“Christ, in Thee we trust.”